Automatic Fisherman

How the Automatic Fisherman Works





When a fish bites your bait and starts to swim away, the bobber on the line will come up to the fishing rod and get tight. The steel trigger shaft will angle down, causing the fishing rod to slide off the post and set the hook in the fish. The red trigger arm will fall out of the way to give a tangle free area to fight your fish. The fishing rod and drag on the reel do the work until you grab the rod and start reeling the fish up! 


Automatic Fisherman- The new wave in Ice Fishing Technology!!!

MODEL AF33C  $79.99


INCLUDES: 4 BB reel with fold down handle and winter lube.

                  33" solid fiberglass med/hvy rod


                  ice stopper and ice stopper solution

Freshwater beasts of burden they are, those hulking and tireless trout. Trout-head Eric Haataja is equally tireless. He gets his kicks taming their power, be they lakers, browns or steelhead. The full-time guide not only has to outthink them, but also wield a weapon worthy of taming their tenacity. So he went to Frabill and said, “Here, make this.” They did.   This is also the perfect addition to your Automatic Fisherman!    $24.99